Saturday, March 9, 2013

William Blair Park

In February of 2012, I was able to fly down at William Blair Park and got some good photos, but in the middle of winter, the Great Trinity Forest looked stark and lifeless. When early this week I heard that the buckeye trees in the Great Trinity Forest were beginning to bloom, I started watching for a weather window to go back down to William Blair Park and hopefully capture some color this time.

As you can see in this picture, with the lower chain of wetland cells in the background, that the forest as viewed from the air doesn't have much color yet. I'll have to try to make it back down there in a week or two.

I did get some decent images of the city's municipal complex with the Dallas skyline in the background. Also in this picture, in the upper left corner in the construction of the City’s project housing.

Another good shot of the skyline, and William Blair Park off to the right.

Here is a better shot of William Blair Park

Off in the distance in this picture, you can see the Trailhead for the Buckeye trail, which is located at the south end of Bexar St.

Lastly, a shot looking east towards Pemberton Hill Road.

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